Featured Services

Therapy and healing for individuals and relationships.

Life Coaching is a popular alternative to intensive clinical therapy. Click here for more information and to read periodic articles on coaching topics.

PathSeeker Center facilitates periodic clinical support and therapy groups. We also work alongside the therapy and recovery group ministries of local churches.

The mind and body are connected and many professionals believe that you can’t treat one without the other.

PathSeeker Center has something to offer students of home school and traditional school environments.

Some common mental health questions answered by our resident therapy dog.

PathSeeker Center operates as a ministry that comes alongside the local churches. We offer a premarital counseling course that is approved by the County and fulfills most church counseling requirements. Start you marriage out right. More

Clinical Therapy conducted over the phone or internet. It’s effective, affordable, AND convenient!

Practical and ‘hands on’ financial counseling: both to get your finances in order and to keep them that way.

Guided Imagery and Hypnosis is another way to get your mind to work for you.